Did Eminem Grow Up in the Ghetto?

by admin on November 22, 2012

Did Eminem Grow Up in the Ghetto? Gangster? or No?

For as gangster as rap artist Eminem is you would think he would have grew up in the ghetto or in the hood sort of say. I’m wondering if he grew up in the ghetto because that would make kind of a difference on how I believe how ghetto he actually is in his rap music. Does anybody know where he’s from or what his story is or what his childhood was like?

You Got Anything to Say PUnk?

Diane replies:
If you go and watch the movie 8 mile it is based on his life in general and that’s how it all took place and went down. He grew up in pretty much a trailer park in the super poor but some people speculate that it matters where the ghetto is because if it’s not in Compton or something it doesn’t make you gangster. I’m thinking that’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard because he grew up in a damn Trailerpark in you can’t get any worse than that. I would rather live in a very crappy apartment then live in a trailer park because that is as low as it gets.

YoungD replies:
Eminem is a pretty gangster guy and if you come close to any of his family he’s going to throw out done at your face and there’s no denying that. His music is is raw as it gets in he has put out some wicked crazy stuff where society basically wanted to ban his music. He’s not just putting on some sort of act he’s got a lot of hatred for a lot of people and it shows it with words and stays out of trouble because he’s smart. This because he doesn’t get cot with a gun in his hands in his car something doesn’t mean he’s not tough it just means that a smart.

GrantZ replies:
Why would where he come from even matter how ghetto he is and what does it even matter if you get it or not. It’s the fact that he is one of the best rap artists in the game and take care about which location or state he lives in is a pretty stupid thing to even think about or care about. Does it matter where Michael Jordan was from or is that going to make him less of a basketball player because he didn’t grow up in the right spot? What I’m trying to get through your head is that it doesn’t matter worries from so just let it be where he is from because that is who he is and that’s what makes him him.

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